Social networking applications for moms Peanut completes round of funding worth $ 12 million and adds new female board members

Michelle Kennedy felt alone and lonely during her first pregnancy. She lacked friends pregnant, and she felt that the majority of digital content intended for mothers, patronize. They also found no response from her, a working woman, who at the time worked on the multibillion-dollar European application for Me Badoo.

“I did not want anyone to think I was a bad mother, and I did not feel that there is a safe place to talk about motherhood,” – she said. “I wanted a platform on which there were no taboo subjects and where you can discuss all aspects of motherhood without judgment.” Therefore, in 2017 it created a Peanut, social networking applications at all stages of motherhood.

To date, the platform has about 1.6 million users and attracts investors’ attention for many years. On Thursday, the company announced that it has completed a series A round of funding for $ 12 million, bringing the total funding Peanut totaled 21.8 million dollars.

His final round was held with European venture capital fund EQT Ventures and will form a team of developers and designers Peanut as we expand digital offerings.

While a number of online groups for women already exists (for example, a group for new moms to Facebook), Kennedy says that Peanut is much more suited to the demographics, since it analyzes user behavior and create on its basis new features.

In November 2019 Peanut create a community for women who are trying to conceive, which offers women a platform to openly share their experiences with infertility, miscarriage, and the like. According to Kennedy, this community platform has been created for the direct response to the needs of users Peanut. “For example, women who experienced fertility problems, did not want to open any social networks and risk seeing the babies photos, scans, or sticks for pregnant women, because with this they fought.”

Peanut can bypass these problems and provides filters “sensitive content” that users can enable or disable the viewing of content that can be initiated. This feedback loop continues to play back in real time in a COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, users consume and share a seemingly endless amount of content associated with a coronavirus, a surge of involvement by 30% jump in consumption by 40%.

She also saw a surge of new groups for women who are trying to get pregnant, but had to cancel the appointment of IVF, to push the adoption process or to conduct a visit to their surrogates.

But as the pandemic continues, people marked deterioration in his mental health and arrived in Peanuts to escape from the constant flow of news about the coronavirus. In response Peanut launched function “disable keywords” that allows users to delete some discussion of its channels and notifications.

In light of its latest round of financing platform has added new members to the board of directors of most women: Naza Metghalchi of EQT Ventures and Hannah Force from existing investor Index Ventures. Index Ventures, and Foundation for Women’s founders also participated in this round.

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