What is Facebook Messenger Lite?

Facebook Messenger – one of the most popular messaging platforms for mobile devices, but not everyone needs all the advanced features of the application. That’s why Facebook has decided to run a stripped-down version of Messenger Lite. More Info: Buy IG Followers Messenger Lite – is an application that involves only the basic functions of […]

Facebook expands test for skip-able commercials in video.

According to reports, Facebook has expanded its test of commercials in the video to all types of video content, having previously tested them only in selected live broadcasts, in addition to the fact that they were available in the original content of the publisher or Facebook. According to AdWeek, Facebook has confirmed that ads in […]

Social networking applications for moms Peanut completes round of funding worth $ 12 million and adds new female board members

Michelle Kennedy felt alone and lonely during her first pregnancy. She lacked friends pregnant, and she felt that the majority of digital content intended for mothers, patronize. They also found no response from her, a working woman, who at the time worked on the multibillion-dollar European application for Me Badoo. “I did not want anyone […]

French law on social networks – another blow against freedom of speech coronavirus

Since coronavirus takes its 27,000th sacrifice in France, the French parliament passed a new law that makes social networks remove a hateful and illegal content within 24 hours. Yesterday signed the law, the law Ā«Lutte contre la haine sur internetĀ» requires that digital platforms was removed discriminatory and sexually offensive comments within 24 hours after […]