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The Beginner’s Guide to Humidors

Choosing the Best Cigar

Cigar is smoked and comes in different shapes and sizes, and it will depend with what the user prefers. Cigars may appear in smooth, medium and creamy medium bodies.They also come in various tastes and types. Rich people usually smoke cigar to portray their state of wealth thus cigar smoking is mostly related to the rich as a status quo. To come up with the finest cigar can be a very complicated assignment.The Following are the tips that can help you choose the right cigar.

It is very crucial to source important information about and be well informed about the health risks . Cigar has nicotine thus very dangerous to your health. Prolonged use of nicotine is very risky to human bodies. Smoking of cigar can result in various cancers like esophageal, lung and larynx cancer. Cigar smoke produces a very bad odor than the cigarette one thus it be very unpleasant to some people.

Engaging in selecting the best type of cigar should come second after knowing the health risks of cigar. It is your responsibility to pick out on what suits you between hand-made and commercially produced cigars. The production of home-made cigar is better and safer. The reason being careful procedures are done in picking, choosing and preparing the cigar.Unlike the industrial one where the machine carries tobacco leaves without serious sorting, and then they are burnt and then packed.The other factor you can consider is the length and the ring gauge. Cigar varies with inches and the larger the diameter, the more tasteful it is.Cigar comes in different colors known as Oscuro and claro. Black colored is known as Oscuro while the light brown are claro.The Color also somehow defines the taste and quality. Dark cigar is sweeter than light brown because of the maturity rate. The darker one is thus prepared and more because they are large. Light colored will be the best flavor for starters because of their light taste.

Storage of the cigar is also very crucial. A cigar humidor will be a necessity storage to maintain the best quality. Cigar humidor is a storage container whose humidity is controlled the give the cigar the best environmental conditions to avoid spoilage. The sponge-like conditions of cigar can make them spoil easily since they can absorb moisture from the surrounding. A cigar humidor will be a necessity if you want to smoke a fresh cigar that will never disappoint you.

A Beginners Guide To Cigars

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